5 Surefire Tips on Postnatal Care for Mother at Home

Your family is overwhelmed by the arrival of the new member! Undoubtedly, everyone is busy fussing over the health and care of the little one. You have tons of responsibilities to handle for ensuring the wellbeing of your child. But, in the midst of all this, people tend to ignore one person – the mother of the newborn; i.e., you. Postnatal care for mother at home is as important as taking care of the child.

Read on to know some of the care methods that can nourish you back to health.

Get enough rest

Taking rest is essential after childbirth, as you will feel extremely exhausted. Since, you have to feed the little one every 3 to 4 hours, you should bid adieu to your usual sleep. To make things a little easy for yourself, arrange your sleep timing to match the baby’s. After delivery care for mother is vital and so passing on some of the household chores to other family members also help.

Get massage to recover fast

Massage is good at all times, more so, after childbirth, for taking your body to the pre-pregnancy mode. Postpartum massage is beneficial to reduce stress, diminish pain, regulate hormone and sleep better. Hire a professional to massage as a part of after delivery care of mother. Massaging your chest, abdomen, neck, chin, scalp, behind legs, lower back and buttocks will be a great pain relief.

Drink lots of water

Post pregnancy, your body will lose plenty of water and you will have the urge to urinate more frequently than usual. This may dehydrate your system, lead to UTI or even bladder infection. As a step to postnatal care for mother at home, you must drink sufficient water.

Try to stay active as a method of postnatal care for mother at home

You may feel tired and wasted due to the constant attention you are giving to your baby. Also, there is no alternative to rest. But, staying active also works to relieve stress and shed the weight you had gained while pregnant. Simple exercises and a daily short walk can make a huge difference. Pelvic floor muscle exercises and breathing exercises are quite helpful.

Pay attention to maintaining hygiene

You are susceptible to infections that may not only transfer to the baby, but also lessen your healing process. Asking visitors to wash their hands in sanitizers and rinsing your breasts after feeding the child can protect you from probable infections.

As the mother of a newborn, you need to stay abreast of the postnatal care for mother at home and also it is essential for a women to take care of herself during pregnancy. It will keep you and your little one safe and hale for years to come.

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