Improving Digestion Post Delivery

Improving Digestion Post Delivery

Reasons for constipation Post delivery and its Dietary remedies

For the first few days after delivery, the mother is asked to take rest and follow a particular diet type. But nowadays, we disobey this age-old and proven methodology by eating heavy foods in the initial days itself, causing constipation and many other stomach related issues.

Including fruits and salads in your diet

  • Fruits - It is a misconception that intake of fruits by breastfeeding mothers can cause cold in their babies. A well-balanced diet is inevitable for the health of mothers and babies. Fruits should be properly included in your diet to ensure overall nutrition. Instead of juices, eat fruits raw so that the fiber in fruits will purge out the constipated feces. Remember to avoid citric fruits if you have acidity issues.
  • Raw Salads - Vegetables like carrots and cherry tomatoes are very good. But to be safe, it will be better to just saute or semi-steam them. Like fruits, salads will also provide fiber, hydrate and ease digestion by heavily reducing constipation.
Ayurvedic remedies in case of constipation
The Soothika Essential Kit

  1. Murivenna Oil - For injuries due to constipation, apply it in the anal area with a clean cotton at night and in the morning. Repeat the same till you get healed. 30 min after applying the oil, take a sitz bath in the morning.
  2. Dhanwantharam Oil - Reduces gastritis, widens blood vessels, and rejuvenates muscles. Can help to maintain a good metabolic rate, increase digestion and avoid constipation.

To avoid constipation in general, the spiciness and heaviness of food should only be increased gradually. The undigested food called as 'aama' goes into the breast milk. In this case, you may feel absolutely fine in the stomach, but your baby will face difficulties.

Due to the blood loss during delivery, a woman's body and digestive system become weak. In Ayurveda, our acharyas advice to completely avoid non-veg for the first 12 days of delivery.

Non-vegetarian food, or 'mamsa' is a heavy and heat producing food which needs lots of energy to get digested.
Only light and easy to digest foods should be taken for these 12 days because indigestion will reduce appetite.

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