Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Solution!

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and its Remedies
Responsibility of the child is on both the mother and father of the child

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and its Remedies
Even though both the mother and father equally share the responsibility of their baby, new mothers can have anxiety on how to take care of their baby, especially if it is the first delivery. Known as postpartum or postnatal depression, it is the mental trauma suffered by a newly delivered woman due to hormonal as well as physiological changes, and fatigue due to motherhood.

  • The symptoms which indicate this post-delivery depression are,
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Feeling that the whole parenting responsibility is on your shoulder
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Self-doubts
  • Immediate attention should be delivered in case of the presence of these symptoms, and it should be nipped in the budding state itself
These are things which need to be attended immediately and nipped in the bud.
  • Plan your sleep - Sleep when your little one sleeps.
  • Synchronize your routine - Only do household works if you still feel energetic after serving the baby.
  • Take care of yourself - Take some time out for yourself, preferably in early mornings when oxygen levels are high. Sitting in the balcony and reading a book, taking a spa, etc. can bring relaxation by releasing serotonin and increasing blood circulation.
  • Undergoing Ayurvedic oil treatments - Such oils usually have nut grass and ashwagandha, which can increase the brain's blood circulation and reduce pain, thus enhancing mood levels and improving quality of sleep.
  • Sharing - Share your anxieties with your partner or loved ones if they are increasing
  • Remember that your mental state - Will be passed on to your baby - Never forget the fact that your mental, as well as the emotional state, will have a long-lasting impact on your baby. And, realize that, HAPPY MOTHER = HAPPY BABY.

Tips for the spouse:

  1. Serve her food when you can
  2. Doing household works like winding up the kitchen; This will be a great consolation.
  3. Take turns in cleaning baby napkins and putting the baby to sleep.
  4. To be added, consuming 'Happiness Foods' like banana as well as walnuts, nuts and flax seeds which are rich in omega 3 can be extremely helpful in reducing your mood swings after delivery. Intake of folic acid and making sure that you only eat fresh food will surely keep you in a good mood - As per Ayurveda, fresh food means fresh mind!




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