Touch Therapy

Babies are highly sensitive to touch and hence massage should only be done by trained hands. This presentation will teach you the various strokes of Newborn touch therapy. The newborn touch therapy aids weight gain and improves immunity. It contributes to the overall physical development of the baby and helps in sleeping better , which in turn aids brain development. The benefits are manifold when massaged with natural oils which has the goodness of ayurveda

Do’s and Don’t’s



  • Cover umbilicus for the first 10 days with a small piece of dry cotton cloth/ till the umbilical cord falls off. Care should be taken so that neither water, nor soap or oil enters the umbilicus.
  • All strokes should be done with a slow, lightly pressured touch.
  • Keep the strokes firm enough to prevent tickling.
  • Test all new oils on a small area of your baby’s skin a day prior to using it for massage purposes.
  • Choose a time of day that you will have the amount of time necessary to proceed with the massage with out being interrupted ,preferably before noon.
  • Avoid massaging your baby when she has a full tummy. Wait for atleast half an hour after feeding
  • Make sure the baby is enjoying the massage
  • All the items needed for bath has to be kept ready before the procedure of massage starts.



  • Use very little oil on baby’s face or head during a massage.
  • Watch for signs of distress visible by a change in skin colour, restlessness, straining, crying or limpness. If baby shows signs of discomfort end the massage session.
  • Do not tickle
  • Avoid massaging the babies genital areas
  • After massaging the babies palms, wipe them off, before the baby sucks them
  • Do not bathe the baby until the umbilical cord falls off. Only wipe with a cloth by dipping in a basin of warm water mixed with little baby oil
  • Pressure should not be applied on bregma, only soft touch is needed while applying oil and rasnadi powder after bath.


Preparing the Oil

The oils have to be poured into a vessel. It can be warmed slightly by placing in hot water. The oil should be rubbed in between the palms and temperature adjusted before touching the baby


Preparing The Baby

Place the baby on a mat . Ensure that the room is sufficiently warm , so that the baby does not feel cold. Cover the ears of the baby with cotton wools, so that neither oil, water nor soap enters the ears of the baby.


  • The massage of the baby should be done for 8 minutes, The baby yoga for 2 minutes and the baby bath for 5 minutes. Totally the duration of the whole therapy should be for 15 minutes

Baby Massage

1Make the baby to lie down on its back on the bathing mat apply a little of the oil on the umbilicus ( after cord falls off)and a little on the bregma. Take a little oil and apply all over the body. Massage with both hands from sides of neck of the baby to shoulders,arms, finger tips. Massage in circular motions on the joints of the body. Massage softly on chest and sides of chest downwards and around abdomen in circular clockwise direction using four fingers of the right palm and through sides of the abdomen downwards to the hips and circular motion with fingers of both palms simultaneously on either sides and move down the legs and behind legs downwards and stretch the legs.

2Turn baby to the sides: Apply oil on the upper and lower back, buttocks of the baby and massage with right hand by turning the baby to the sides and support the baby with the left hand. No pressure has to be given on the spine.

3Massage the feet and soles. Uphold the head and neck of the baby and apply oil on the hair and scalp with right palm in circular motion on the crown of the head. Apply oil and massage the outer and behind of ears using the thumb and index finger. Massage with thumbs on the forehead , eyes very softly ,nose, cheeks, above lips, chin and neck.

Baby Yoga

1Fold the arms at both elbows
simultaneously, for 3 seconds and extend.
Repeat for 3 times

2Cross the arms across chest
simultaneously, hold for 3 seconds and
come back to the original position.
Repeat for 3 times. .

3Garudasana: Cross the legs. Holding ankles of baby, cross the legs, bringing each leg on top alternatively. Do for three times.

4Pavanamuktasana: Fold the knees and hips slightly together towards abdomen slightly. Alternate each leg. Repeat for 3 times

5Fold the legs at knee joint, hold for 3 seconds and extend. Repeat for 3 times.

Baby bath

Bathing Steps of baby Lying on the back

  • Apply soap very mildly by lathering with water and apply first to the chest, abdomen, neck shoulder arm and legs and wash these areas by taking warm water from basin by cupping the palm.

On the side

  • Turn the baby to the sides and apply soap to the back of the body. Wash the body with warm water . Wash the back, front, folds of skin on the body like underarm, genitals, face, eyes by wiping with right palm.

On the Tummy

  • While washing the head, the baby should be made to lie on its tummy by supporting his face, neck with the left hand . Turn the babies face to the side and uplift the babies chest with the left forearm.( Baby should be in a inclined position. Pressure should not be given on the chest or face). Put a drop of the shampoo and pour water on babies head with right palm, lather and wash off immediately. Wipe or towel dry hair and scalp properly and later the body and wrap the baby in a towel.

After bath procedures

  • Pat a pinch of rasnadi on the bregma.
  • Remove cotton wool from the ear
  • After laying him down on the bed, clean the umbilicus and outer of ear with cotton buds carefully and softly.
  • Apply baby lotion and powder for the baby especially on neck, behind ears, underarms, folds of genitals, buttocks, behind knee and other parts of the body.
  • Cover the buttocks and genitals with cotton nappy cloth/ diaper.
  • Dress the baby and feed him / her (for 15- 20minutes).


  • The baby should be handled very carefully. There are chances of getting slipped after oil application . Soap or water should not enter eyes and other orifices of the baby. Do not handle the baby in the way that he may choke. Make sure to adjust the temperature before pouring on the body. Temperature can be maintained and monitored by dipping the right elbow and sensing the heat on the inner skin of forearm. Baby should be handled very carefully.

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Contra Indication

  • Do not massage baby when he/ she has a fever or cold. Do only wipe its body with a cloth dipped in warm water.
  • Do discontinue use if any irritation persists.
  • Massage should not be done in cases of extreme skin diseases, bleeding conditions etc.