Women have to work. Babies need to be fed as well

The importance of breast feeding a new born baby.

Before beginning to breastfeed the mother should be calm and stress free inorder to ensure proper flow of breast milk and hence babies do not receive enough of breast milk to pacify their hunger. Feed them every 2/3 hours or on demand.

 Breast milk contains vitamins, fat and protein necessary for the physical and brain development of the child.

 The first milk, colostrum contains immunoglobulin IgA, which is required to provide a protective layer in the mucosal layer against infectious organisms and hence protecting babies from infectious diseases. This will help in developing a better immune system for the kids.

 Breast milk is easier for baby to digest as it lighter in nature and more likely for kids to prevent them from developing indigestion and colic problems.

 Babies tend to put on more weight than babies who are formula fed.

 They will have a better IQ level and cognitive development as compared to babies who are not.

 Most of all it is important to breastfeed a new born to ensure a proper bond between mother and baby as it receives skin and eye contact, which gives them a sense of secured feeling.

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