Multi Solutions - Poultice

In Ayurveda various poultices have been mentioned for the treatment of arthritis and inflammation.

Solutions - Poultice

1) Kottamchukkadi Poultice

Kottamchukkadi when applied as poultice on joints it relieves pain and inflammation. Poultice works better if it is warmed before applying.

2) Jatamayadi poultice

Jatamayadi choornam is an ayurvedic formulation which can be used as poultice for relieving arthritic pain, burning sensation and oedema.

3) Grahadhoomadi lepam

Grahadhoomadi lepam is also beneficial for arthritic pain.

Lepam is usually prepared by making a paste of these herbal medicinal powder with water, kashayams ( medicinal decoction) or rice wash.


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