Acidity is a very common problem it can be managed by following some simple rules.

1. Never miss your meal
2. Eat your food on time, staying hungry or untimely eating can aggravate acidity or it can cause acidity in otherwise healthy person.
3. Avoid extra spices
4. Too much of spicy food can result in acidity.
5. Don’t drink too much water right before after meals

This will affect your digestion, According to Ayurveda this will affect the proper functioning of Jatharagni or digestive fire and cause acidity.


1)  Shankhabhasma
Shankhabhasma is very effective in relieving acidity.

2) Buttermilk
Taking buttermilk prepared with a bit of ginger and crushed curry leaves with food will help in proper digestion and prevent acidity.

3) Bananas
Include bananas in your diet , it reduces pitta and prevents acidity.



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