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Pregnancy and child birth is a beautiful yet challenging experience and New mothers need to be “Cared” for so that they can return back to live their empowered life.

Soothika is the revival of the Indian traditional practice of post natal and newborn home care, designed around the needs of the new generation mother. Soothikashree - our skill training programme imparts training and equips women to become self sustainable empowered entrepreneurs, providing care to empower mother

Where we are today
57 Women entrepreneurs - Trained and equipped to
manage sustainable enterprise

We were super excited when we were empanelled by the Kudumbashree mission (Asia's largest network for women entrepreneurship and poverty eradication by the Government of Kerala) as part of the SJSRY (Swarna Jayanthi sahari rozgar yojna) scheme by Government of India . The challenge in front of us was to mobilise, train,and equip women to manage sustainable enterprises. It was an amazing experience traveling across Kerala with Kudumbashree . The process took 6 months and we trained 57 women across the state. With the experience in Kerala, we have set a challenge in front of us .To train and empower 30,000 women across the country by 2025

Where we are today

Our journey back to the future.

Has it ever happened to you that you were digging into the past for some reason and you chance upon something futuristic there and wonder, “Well, why for heavens’ sake didn’t we think about this before?!” Well, something like that happened to us in 2012 and it resulted in ‘Soothika’: A company that sells Ayurvedic oils, exclusively for pregnancy care.’ It’s pretty amazing the things said about Pregnancy Care in classic Ayurvedic texts. While modern medicine is still debating weather medicines can be taken for the ailments during pregnancy period, Ayurveda has extensive solutions for all those ailments. And what more, it’s tried and tested for thousands of years. If you are interested, take a look at the ‘Prasoothika Chikitsa’ section in ‘Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayasaṃhitā’ written about 2500 years ago. You will also accept our ancestors were really brilliant people.

Then we hit up on something;
something like a gold mine

We started Soothika as an online shop. There were two reasons – first, it’s more cost effective, and the second, we could reach out to more people in a wider geography in lesser time. We were rocking on social media and the word spread pretty fast. But as business started picking up, we noticed something; out of all the inquiries, a sizable number of people wanted not only products, but full Ayurveda pregnancy-care therapies. And quite surprisingly they were ready to pay whatever it takes.

We had done some number crunching before starting Soothika, and we were pretty sure about the market. So we thought, if people are willing to pay more for therapies why not? Thus began our search for traditional pregnancy-care therapists popularly known as ‘Pathichi’. It was a tough job finding them. There were only a few left who practiced this tradition, and they too were getting old. Their younger generation wasn’t interested in taking up this job. So, on one hand we had people willing to pay whatever it takes for pregnancy care and on the other hand we had a scarcity of therapists. What was wrong here? We kept wondering, until we met Sheela didi.

The therapist that changed us

Sheila didi, who didn’t have any formal education, had got into this profession , after her husband died. She was taught by her mother , who was a traditional pathichi. Sheila didi started handling 2 to 3 cases per month and started making 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month. With this money, she was able to put her children through professional colleges. Today Sheila didi’s kids are all well settled abroad and her house hold income is almost 3 lakh rupees.

Road to social entrepreneurship

Our initial plan was to find as many therapists possible and hire them for Soothika, because the demand was very high. But our search for therapists lead us to many places and got us closer to the bottom line of our society – to the women who are struggling to raise their children, uneducated women who don’t  know their basic rights, the women who dreamt of  a better future for themselves and their children but for whom …mere existence itself is a battle.

From Sheila didi's experience it was clear that, we had a sustainable business model for them. Need for Pregnancy care therapies will never run out of demand and it does not require any educational qualification. Anyone with a little empathy, patience and will power can learn it & sustain it for a decent living.

5S Empowerment Model

There will be a selection process to have an understanding of your level of commitment


The selected candidates will have to conduct a survey in their neighbourhood to understand the feasibility of their enterprise


Skill training to become empowered entrepreneurs

Setting up

Assistance for equipping with poducts, marketing materials & equipments needed for performing homecare therapies


Support in lead generation, and continuos training

Its more than just
Therapy training

We see all our trainees as an entrepreneur in the making. That’s why our training is not just about therapies. Along with the massage techniques for the mother and child, we train them in marketing, grooming, digital training, financial training and mobility training. The 30 day training session includes theory as well as practical classes and on-the-job training. It’s fun to do as a group. By the way, did we mention we train only women who are mothers?

therapy training

Training is given on various massage techniques for Mother and Child. This session includes theory and practical classes.


We do have a lot of marketing materials, but it’s important that you present it the right way. Don’t worry, we will train you how to do it the right way.


How you present yourself is more important than you think in this job. After this session your self confidence will reach a new high

Digital Training

Each of you will be trained to handle a smartphone. It’s both your marketing equipment and your security guard. We will train you on how to tame this beast.


Accounting is one of the most important skill an entreprenuer should have. Anybody can become rich, if you get this right. Our training make sure you get this right.


Once you take an appointment, you should reach there on-time. We know how difficult is punctuality to maintain in this urban jungle especially if you rely public transport. That’s why we give you training on riding two wheeler.


Every month we conduct a single day workshop on Soothikashree, where you can meet us, have a cup of tea, ask your doubts in person and even chat with any of our Soothika certified therapist. And see if this program is suited for you. We think it is, why else are you reading this? Isn’t it? So come attend our next workshop. If it’s too far, no worries, we will soon come to a place near you. Why don’t you invite us? We will be more than happy to come over to you place. Our contact details are at the bottom.

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Is this your story......

Medical Sales profession is considered as one of the happiest jobs. Inspite of that turnover and burn out is very high in the industry.

A Medreps survey conducted found that 43 percent of responders were either somewhat or extremely satisfied in their jobs. Yet the same survey found

  • 88 percent of those medical sales professionals polled were looking for new job opportunities.
  • Two-thirds had worked for about two to three companies in the last 10 years alone, and the average length of stay for the currently employed was only 3.4 years.
  • If you are a Medical sales person who is an influencer with Gynaecologists or Gynaec hospitals,
We have a platform for you to be your own boss and be the authors of your own success story.

Soothika India Maternal &
newborn homecare market

We are the fastest growing Prodice (product & service) in India in the mother and new born baby care segment. We have a unique B-B-I-C (Business -Business-iInfluencer- Customer) model , whereby our franchise network across India carries our product to the nook and corner of the country.

Gynaecologists , across India who are convinced about the need for post natal care are our biggest endorsers, and our products are sold through hospital pharmacies.

Our network has reached out to apporx 3% of the affluent market in India and by 2025 we are expecting to penetrate into atleast 6% of the affluent newly delivered mothers house hold which would be appproximately 5 lakh homes. 75% of our product customers request for therapy at home, which would amount to 3,75,000 therapies conducted cross the country

*Study by Eric D Beinhocker, Diana Farrell and Adil S Zainulbhai- Tracking the growth of Indias Middle class.- There is 10 lakh hoseholds in India in the affluent segment, at 5% of the total population. This is expected to grow to 41% ie 82 lakhs by 2025.

Interesting facts

The affluent class in India, who can afford Soothika ,is growing at a rate of 47% YOY, the major reason for which is the increasing participation of women in the workforce .

Maternity leave in India in Private and Public sector is 6 months., which has given in to the demand for post natal care to ensure that their health is restored , and they get back to the workplace energised and rejuvernated.

Ayurveda post -natal (post pregnancy care) practices have been in prevalence for more than 5000 years

42 days 42 years - Ayurveda says that if a woman is given excellent postpartum care for 42 days after childbirth, she will have a carefree life for the next 42 years

facts you should know about us

As the nation’s first Pre/Post natal care franchise company, Soothika’s non-medical home care franchisees have become a trusted source of care and services for Newly delivered Mothers and new born babies. Founded in 2012, We have developed a special “Touch Therapy” programme for prenatal, post natal and newborn baby care .

Soothika Ayurveda Mother and Baby Care Pvt. Ltd in India is unique in combining the commitment of local ownership with the support of a commit ed brand in Mother and Newborn care.

Trusted by Influence-rs

Gynaecologists who are concerned about the health of the newly delivered mothers have realized the need for Soothika . In spite of being an Ayurveda product, Gynaecs trust Soothika completely because, we do not advocate the use of oral medicines. Soothika oils are purely for topical application, because of which the Gynaecologists community has accepted this product completely.


We are an invested brand by KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial development corporation) and by Brand Capital of the Times of India group. This is the result of our , adherence to the highest order of Financial hygeine ,and the passion that we have towards our brand vision

Touch therapy for
Mother & Newborn

Our 4 step Post natal care and 3 step baby care have been widely accepted by Gynaecologists and customers alike. Families are willing to pay more for a Soothika trained therapists for taking care of newly deliverd mothers and newborns.

A product with No side Effects

Pregnancy and Breast feeding being a very sensitive time, Mothers do not like to use any products, fearing side effects. Soothika blessed with the goodness of Ayurveda has been time tested for more than 5000 years, and proved to be totally without side effects. The oils and herbs are prepared in the same traditional way, as has been described in Ashtanga hridyam & Sahsrayoga, ensuring that the quality and medicinal properties are maintained.

Pioneers in the Industry

Pregnancy and Breast feeding being a very sensitive time, Mothers do not like to use any products, fearing side effects. Soothika blessed with the goodness of Ayurveda has been time tested for more than 5000 years, and proved to be totally without side effects. . The oils and herbs are prepared in the same traditional way, as has been described in Ashtanga hridyam & Sahsrayoga, ensuring that the quality and medicinal properties are maintained.

Entrepreneur snapshot

High margins per sale

Ideally a doctor can suggest the use of Soothika oils for a minimum period of 3 weeks (21 days) to 4 weeks (28 days). The high billing assured with our excellent margins ensures an excellent returns on the time invested in marketing the products

No stress of targets

You can pick and choose the hospitals and the doctors,with whom you are most comfortable, and where you are ensured of g”volume business” & “on-time” payment. There is no stress on the number of hospitals or areas that need to be covered

Entrepreneur profile

You are the best fit for us, if you have the following
characteristics and support system

Soothika requirement
  • You are a dynamic person experienced in the pharma industry and are looking to start your own business
  • You are an aggressive sales person who, is self driven and is looking to enter into the pharma inductry
Entrepreneur requirement
  • Android based mobile device for managing Soothika SPM (Sales Process Management ) software
  • Minimum investment towards product procurement
Entrepreneur process

Submit the Online application


Understand about our business and the team either through a visit to the our office or a video call .


Submit thelist of hospitals/ Doctors


Review and Sign the franchise agreement




Start earning

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