Hibi Eden latest to join Rice Bucket Challenge


Kochi: Hibi Eden, MLA, has become the latest to become part of the new social media trend Rice Bucket Challenge set off in Hyderabad as India’s reply to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The person challenged should give a bucket full of rice to a poor in their locality or donate medicines worth Rs 100 to the nearest government hospital within 24 hours.

Hibi was challenged by Kochi based social enterprise Soothika which works in creating sustainable enterprises for BPL women and to help eradicate poverty. Soothika joined the movement by one of their post-natal therapist, Mini Purushothaman donating one bucket rice to Theresa, a BPL family member in her locality. She further challenged Hibi Eden to do the same. Hibi accepted the challenge and donated a bucket of rice to Kochu Rani, a BPL family member from Kalamasseri.

“The rice bucket movement shows the relevance of social media. This is a model that everyone can emulate,” Hibi said. “We are so happy to see such movements gain strength through social media. More than ALS, the urgent issue we should address is the poverty in our country,” said Rekha Babu, CEO of Soothika. Hibi, meanwhile, nominated Trikkakara MLA Benny Behanan, Rajiv P Nair, leader of the Say No To Hartal movement, and Sudheer Mohan of Wipro for the challenge.

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