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When you are carrying the additional weight of the baby, it pains but natural. Especially to your back and legs. Pregnancy being a very crucial period, pain killers in any form is not advisable. Neither high pressure body massages.

Ayurveda oils have natural and herbal ingredients, which has amazing pain healing qualities. This when applied to painful areas using gentle touch has amazing healing qualities, which aids the growth of the baby in the womb.

Pregnancy touch therapy helps to reduce anxiety back, leg pain and improve sleep. It also enhances the overall sense of emotional and physical well being and reduces back and leg pain.

The power point presentation will take you through the different stages of oil therapy.

Getting ready

Preparing Self

Tie the hair up, with a band. It is ideal to sit on a stool during the therapy. Wear a disposable panty if desired. It is good to meditate/pray for a few minutes before starting the therapy.

Preparing the Oil

The oils have to be poured into a vessel. It can be heated, either by directly placing on the heater or in boiling water.
Essential – Pour required amount of oils from the base oil and the combination oil. Ideally it is suggested to use 25 ml of each.

Preparing Bath

It is advisable to take bath in luke warm water. Make sure to adjust the temperature before pouring on the body.


  • Pressure of massage on a pregnant women should be very less.
  • Therapy should not be done for more than 15 minutes.
  • Therapy can be done either for the whole body or specific pain areas.
  • Pressure should not be applied on Spine. Instead, the application has to be soft, smooth and gentle.
  • The shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and other joints must be massaged in circular motions only.
  • While massaging head, it is advisable to use coconut oil or almond oil.

Touch Therapy & Bath

1Sitting position Apply oil and massage these areas very gently in the below said order in downward and continuous motion. Stand behind the pregnant lady, place both hands on either side of neck and massage downwards to the shoulder, arms and fingers. Gently massage the upper back, lower back and sides of the body. Chest should be done softly in circular motion. Massage the armpit towards the nipple/center of body.

2Standing position: Massage the buttocks and hip gently in circular motion and downwards to the back of thigh, calf muscles and heel.

3Sitting position: Massage the front of the thigh, knee, foreleg and feet and soles in continuous downward motion (circular on joints). Massage each toe from its base to the tip and also between the toes. Repeat on the other leg. Finally, massage the scalp, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, above lip and chin. Note: Use of coconut oil or almond oil is suggested for head and face.

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Contra Indication

  • Discontinue the use if any skin irritation like redness, rashes, itching, swelling, boils etc persists.
  • Therapy should not be done in conditions of fever and severe cold.
  • Head massage can be avoided in appropriate situations.
  • Therapy is contraindicated also in: Severe arthritic joints and spine disorders, slipped disc, hernias, high risk pregnancy, habitual abortion, skin diseases and fungal infection, severe hemorrhoids with bleeding, fever etc.