Pain Relief Oil

₹ 650.00

100% herbal pain healer, relieves pain and reduce the inflammation caused due to sprains and fractures.


Aloe vera, moringa, betel leaves, shatmool, coconut oil.

NB: The product will reach you within 10 to 12 days.

Do It Yourself

If your immunity is low, your allergic tendencies are higher.

 (Turmeric is the magic drug which can be

Instant Solutions

1. Had with milk
2. Topical application
3. Include in regular diet

Include these items in your diet 

1. Kale
2. Broccoli
3. Gooseberry

If you have undergone a c section or an episiotomy delivery ,
1. Drink turmeric milk it is a galacto, helps heal them fast.
2. Tender coconut water
3. Sitz bath with salt and hot water for the healing of Episiotomy. (improved blood flow helps healing water)
4. Cut Spices (increases pitta and slows down healing)


C section or Episiotomy (Birth Canal, Natural Delivery) - 

1.Uneven expansion of skin
2. Texture and tone
3. An Oil therapy with Murivenna can promote a lot of fast healing. 

As wounds heal, it is a natural tendency to have itching.
5. Stretch marks - Soothika oils for mother called “Nalpamaradi” reduces early wrinkles. So naturally without chemicals and artificial methods. 

Skin Detox -

1. Dust allergy,
2. rashes,
3. dryness - “Eladi” .

Continuous usage of eladi for weeks can be a long time solution. Cosmetic Products when stopped immediately takes you back to square one. 

“Murivenna” - heals both externally and internally. 

Pimples - Major concerns related to these can be beautifully and naturally treated with “Eladi Choornam” When applying the Lebana, The thickness is supposed to be thick. (in ayurveda we say it should be as thick as a buffalo skin) 

Diet -
Chicken and eggs are a heat producing food. Skin conditions such as these can aggravate

Virudhahara - Wrong combinations of food and timing. 

Drink -
1. A tablespoon of cow’s ghee 2 hours after food, before sleep at night!

Watch your skin magically turn soft and hydrated.


In Ayurveda various poultices have been mentioned for the treatment of arthritis and inflammation.

Solutions - Poultice

1) Kottamchukkadi Poultice

Kottamchukkadi when applied as poultice on joints it relieves pain and inflammation. Poultice works better if it is warmed before applying.

2) Jatamayadi poultice

Jatamayadi choornam is an ayurvedic formulation which can be used as poultice for relieving arthritic pain, burning sensation and oedema.

3) Grahadhoomadi lepam

Grahadhoomadi lepam is also beneficial for arthritic pain.

Lepam is usually prepared by making a paste of these herbal medicinal powder with water, kashayams ( medicinal decoction) or rice wash.

1) Turmeric milk

Turmeric is an ayurvedic herb with various benefits like, immunity enhancing, healing , anti inflammatory. It has natural anti oxidants which help to prevent aging and improve repair system of our body.

Take a glass of Haldi milk daily for a speedy recovery from rigors of child birth like body pains and tiredness. It will also help in the healing of stitches like episotomy and c- section wounds.

It is also beneficial to build your immunity against catching contagious infections like cold, flu and fever especially during the recovery phase when your immunity is very low.


Acidity is a very common problem it can be managed by following some simple rules.

1. Never miss your meal
2. Eat your food on time, staying hungry or untimely eating can aggravate acidity or it can cause acidity in otherwise healthy person.
3. Avoid extra spices
4. Too much of spicy food can result in acidity.
5. Don’t drink too much water right before after meals

This will affect your digestion, According to Ayurveda this will affect the proper functioning of Jatharagni or digestive fire and cause acidity.


1)  Shankhabhasma
Shankhabhasma is very effective in relieving acidity.

2) Buttermilk
Taking buttermilk prepared with a bit of ginger and crushed curry leaves with food will help in proper digestion and prevent acidity.

3) Bananas
Include bananas in your diet , it reduces pitta and prevents acidity.


Gaining weight is required during pregnancy. In some cases weight gain exceeds resulting in mothers becoming overweight, this may keep on increasing after delivery, Excess of weight puts pressure on the lower back area, resulting in low back ache.


1. Proper rest and care
Women should take proper rest after child birth, care should be given in the form of help or
2. Oil massages which help to strengthen the muscles and reduce body pains.

Ayurvedic Oil massages will also help to normalize the
1. Sleep cycle thus
2. Reducing stress.

Weight loss

1. Take care of your diet and eat healthy. This will help to prevent the unhealthy weight gain.
2. Exercises are not advised during the initial days of post partum period during this time 3. Ayurvedic oils and therapies(teained therapists) can help  reduce the excess weight.


There are some everyday foods which help to improve lactation

Solution - 

1. Garlic- Garlic not only helps to reduce the gas troubles in the initial days after delivery, but also improves the milk production. It can be added in everyday recipes or crushed and heated up with little bit of ghee which can be mixed with daily diet like a bowl of dal or rice.
2. Green Papaya- Green papaya increases the production of oxytocin, this increases the production of milk.
3. Fenugreek Seeds- Fenugreek seeds help in reducing body aches and pains as well as improves the milk production. 
4. Fennel seeds- Fennel seeds can be consumed to improve digestion, these reduces gas trouble and also helps in lactation.
5. Ayurvedic herb Shatavari ( asparagus ) is a wonder medicine to solve to most of the hormone related issues in women like female fertility and breastfeeding.

6. Shatavari Powder can be taken with milk every day once or twice, this helps in normal milk production , it has anti inflammatory action and boosts the immunity for you and your baby.


Here are a few steps that you can take to regulate your milk supply


Simple Solutions

1. Hand express some milk or use a pump to take out excess milk, use the lowest possible setting for the same.
2. Feed the baby by lying on the side this will help the excess milk to drip drown.
3. Feed the baby by helping him in a sitting position.
4. Nipple shield can be used to regulate the flow.

5. Traditionally jasmine flowers are covered around the breast to reduce hyperlactation.

Regular soft massages on the breast may help to reduce the chances of clogging and mastitis.



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