Soothika Maternal and
Newborn Homecare Market  

We are the fastest growing Prodice (product & service) in India in the mother and newborn baby care segment. Gynaecologists, across India who are convinced about the need for postnatal care are our biggest endorsers, and our products are sold through hospital pharmacies.

Soothika‘s B-B-I-C (Business- Business- Influencer- Customer) is a unique product franchisee model that provides a platform for new age entrepreneurs to create their growth story. This model has been developed based on our personal success in branding, marketing and field sales in the Mother and Newborn segment.


Number of babies born in India remains at an average of 2 Cr* Year on Year. The affluent class in India stands at 5%* which amounts to 10 lakhs households, who can afford Soothika. This is supposed to reach 41%* by 2025 which would amount to 82 lakhs households.

*Study by Eric D Beinhocker, Diana Farrell and Adil S Zainulbhai- Tracking the growth of India’s Middle class.


Interesting Facts

The affluent class in India, who can afford Soothika, is growing at a rate of 47% YOY, the major reason for which is the increasing participation of women in the workforce.

Maternity leave in India in Private and Public sector is 6 months, which has given in to the demand for post natal care to ensure that their health is restored, and they get back to the workplace energised and rejuvenated.

Ayurveda post-natal (post pregnancy care) practices have been in prevalence for more than 5000 years.

42 days 42 years – Ayurveda says that if a woman is given excellent postpartum care for 42 days after childbirth, she will have a carefree life for the next 42 years.

facts you should know about us

Trusted by Influence-rs

Gynaecologists who are concerned about the health of the newly delivered mothers have realized the need for Soothika. In spite of being an Ayurveda product, Gynaecs trust Soothika completely because, we do not advocate the use of oral medicines. Soothika oils are purely for topical application, because of which the Gynaecologists community has accepted this product completely.


We are an invested brand by KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial development corporation) and by Brand Capital of the Times of India group. This is the result of our, adherence to the highest order of Financial hygiene, and the passion that we have towards our brand vision.

Clearly Defined Target Market

The marketing and sales efforts are completely focused on Hospitals and Gynaecologists, Unlike generic products the focused target group ensures huge savings in time, money and human resource (sales force) thereby optimizing the cost of Lead generation and Client acquisition.

Pioneers in the Industry

Post natal care is a rapidly growing segment, which has few fragmented localised products. We are the first and only organised national brand. The ready acceptance of the brand by Gynaecologists along with our wide national network has ensured our leadership position in the maternal segment.

A product with No
side Effects

Pregnancy and Breast feeding being a very sensitive time, Mothers do not like to use any products, fearing side effects. Soothika blessed with the goodness of Ayurveda has been time tested for more than 5000 years, and proved to be totally without side effects. The oils and herbs are prepared in the same traditional way, as has been described in Ashtanga Hridayam & Sahsrayoga, ensuring that the quality and medicinal properties are maintained.

Franchise Snapshot

Fixed agreement

Return on capital
invested 163%

Target area
Pan India Metros,
Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities

Pay back Year 1

Franchise profile

Ideal Franchise profile

  • Entrepreneurs having time to invest in day to day operation
  • Dynamic person experienced in the pharma industry looking to start own business
  • Experienced business persons looking to add a new portfolio to the existing business


Franchise requirement

  • 150 – 200 sqft of office space with storage area
  • A professional sales team with experience in Gynaec related pharma products or equipments
  • Android based mobile device for managing Soothika SPM (Sales Process Management ) software


Partner Support System
Our brand works for you

Branding and Marketing support

  • Product videos
  • Patient awareness leaflet
  • Doctor information leaflet
  • Display meterial
  • Samples

Sales Process Management (SMP)

  • Sales force tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking
  • Payment tracking

Management support

  • Human Resource management support
  • Assistance in selecting the right team
  • On field sales support
  • Organising events and promotional activities

Franchising process

Submit the Online application

Understand about our business and the team either through a visit to the our office or a video call.

Procure necessary marketing collaterals and conduct a market survey in the predetermined territory

Review and Sign the franchise agreement

Field staff training

Open for business

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6th Floor, BCG Estates,
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Kerala –682025, India.

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+91 8943343600


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