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New Born Baby Care Oil

Soothika Baby Ayurveda (baala paricharanam) benefits your baby with the goodness of Ayurveda as it contains oil, which is essential for your baby’s overall development right from maintaining its vitality and boosting immunity and energy.

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Contents & Benefits

Growth promoter and effective relaxer

The oil is beneficial for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of your newborn. Moreover it acts as an effective relaxer for the child to have good sleep and prevent him from getting pains of colic and other infections

Contents : Lakshadi Oil- 100 ml


Soothika Baby Ayurveda helps in promoting ossification and strengthens the bones, lakshaadi serves the best purpose and aids in the physiological development as a result of which the muscle bulk increases.

Most of the parents are worried due to the discomfort their babies suffer due to different reasons of which colic is an important factor. The pain due to colic, which is the trapped wind, is released by proper application of the oil.

The oil improves the circulation which in turn promotes neurological development by stimulating the nerves and also increases the oxygen level and aids in better respiration which is essential for the baby to have a deeper and longer sleep which is necessary for the overall development of the baby and its relaxation. It is told that a baby’s overall development happens when he has a better sleep.

Most of all it creates a stronger bond between the mother and the baby, when the baby feels his needs are met and when he feels he is being listened to properly where understanding of each other happens and thus the baby becomes more closer to its mother, which strengthens their relationship.

Baby massages are best done for a period of 28 days. It is advisable to start the massages at least a week after the birth of the baby.