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Shishu Natural

Virgin Coconut Oil for New Born Baby Care

Shishu oil being the virgin coconut oil extracted from the milk of a fresh coconut is moisture free and is also known as “Vendha velichenna” which is widely used for babies in “God’s own country”- Kerala, and is proven to be best effective for the baby’s skin and hair.

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Contents & Benefits

Healthy skin and body

As it is said “ Prevention is better than cure”, a baby has to be most importantly taken care with the best possible solutions and here comes the relevance of shishu oil, which is known for its nice fragrance, taste, antioxidants, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins and is chemical free ,retaining the goodness within it.

Contents : 100 ml Virgin Coconut Oil.


Nourishment of the skin for babies is really important. The oil proves to be an efficient emollient in nourishing the skin and protects the baby from having dry skin or eczema as it makes the skin and hair more smooth and soft and shiny. It works as a natural moisturizer and detangles the hair indeed.

The shishu oil provides to serve as an effective barrier and prevents further irritation from nappy rashes and prevents from infections and heals the skin. The oil has natural anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and heals and soothes the baby’s skin if any soreness is present from insect bites.

Parents who are in constant search for medicines that increases the muscle bulk and strength of their little one , the oil is of a great solution as it gets deeply penetrated into the skin and absorbed greatly, aiding in better movement of the baby.

The flaky condition on the scalp of the baby commonly called as cradle cap, gets better and improved on constant application of the oil. All babies have a soft spot on their head. It is otherwise called as bregma or anterior fontanelle which usually closes by 19 months of age. Scalp is formed by a number of bones which fuses slowly, during which period the growth and development of the brain takes place. This oil is applied to harden the soft spot, but remember to apply oil on this area very gently.

The oil after all gives a great relaxation to babies and comforts the baby from pain arisen due to colic when a proper application is given on their tiny tummy and thus relaxes the parents too. Baby massages are best done for a period of 28 days and could be extended as much as possible as baby grows every day. It is advisable to start the massages at least a week after the birth of the baby.