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Post pregnancy touch therapy is not a rocket science. Either Your loved ones at home, or a caregiver can be trained to perform the therapy. We have only one condition. The person should have a loving hand. We expect the greatest reverence to be given to you while performing this therapy.

The touch therapy enhances the overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing when performed with the aid of the soothika medicated ayurvedic oils

The video will take you through the different stages of oil therapy.


Getting Ready for Touch Therapy


Preparing Self

Tie the hair up, with a band. Its ideal to sit on a stool during the therapy. Wear a disposable panty if desired. It’s good to meditate/pray for a few minutes before starting the therapy.


Preparing the Oil

The oils have to be poured into a vessel. It can be heated either by directly placing on heat or in boiling water
Signature / Classic Kit Everyday use one base oil and one combination oil depending on the specific day
Essential Pour required amount of oil from the base oil bottle and the combination oil bottle. Ideally it is suggested to use 25 ml of each.


Preparing herbal bath

Boil one packet of herbal powder in 1 litre water and reduce it to half. Mix this decoction in 2 buckets of hot water. This is used to take bath after massage *Only available in Signature Kits.


  • Pressure of massage on a pregnant women should be very less.
  • Pressure should not be applied on Spine. Instead, the application has to be soft, smooth and gentle.
  • The shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and other joints must be massaged in circular motions only.

Touch Therapy & Bath

1Sitting position: Apply oil and massage these areas in the below said order in downward and continuous motion. Neck, shoulder, arms, upper back, lower back, sides of the body. Chest and abdomen should be done in soft circular motion. Massage the armpit towards the centre of body.

2Standing position: Massage the buttocks and hip in circular motion and downwards to the back of thigh, calf muscles, heel.

3Sitting position: Massage the front of the thigh, knee, foreleg and feet and soles in continuous downward motion(circular on joints). Massage each toe from its base to the tip and also between the toes. Repeat on the other leg.

4Sitting position: Massage the scalp, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, above lip and chin.

5After the massage, wait for 10 minutes and the individual has to take bath in herbal bath water. The water should be poured over the whole body until the oil and powders are washed off. Head and hair should be washed with plain water. The hair and vaginal area and area of stitch in c-section needs to be washed with plain warm water and properly towel dried. *Only available in Signature Kits

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Our Post pregnancy touch therapy is a 4 step therapy process which involves anointing you with medicated soothika oils, heat therapy, Bath and Post natal abdominal binding followed by a herbal bath.

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Contra Indication

  • Discontinue use if any skin irritation like redness, rashes, itching, swelling, boils etc persists.
  • Therapy should not be done in conditions of fever and severe cold.
  • Head massage can be avoided in appropriate situations.
  • Therapy is contraindicated also in: Severe arthritic joints and spine disorders, slipped disc, hernias, high risk pregnancy, habitual abortion, skin diseases and fungal infection, severe hemorrhoids with bleeding, fever etc.